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Sin makes its own hell, and goodness its own heaven.
-- Mary Baker Eddy


Friday, September 10, 2021

Every kindness

Every kindness you extend to anyone else is also a kindness you give to yourself. Giving kindness gives you hope, purpose, connection.

Do you ever find yourself feeling down, aimless, irrelevant, or frustrated? Give genuine kindness and it will lift you up, pointing you in a positive, intentional direction.

Only those who never practice kindness see it as a weakness. In reality, kindness demonstrates your strength while also adding to that strength.

In your thoughts and actions, in the words you speak and the intentions you adopt, are opportunities for kindness. Kindness magnifies your effectiveness and empowers the lives of those around you.

Kindness eases your stress and inspires you to improve your world. Kindness gives as much to you as you give to others.

Live life from a perspective of kindness. And you’ll never run out of good, valuable things to do with your time, energy, and resources.

— Ralph Marston

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