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Create your future from your future not your past.
-- Werner Erhardt


Thursday, September 9, 2021

Live the richness

What do you find fascinating? Learn all you can about it, then use what you’ve learned as a starting point to explore even more.

What inspires you? Figure out how to add much of it to your life and how to share it with others.

What challenges you? Embrace the challenge and slowly, steadily, persistently work your way through it.

What brings awe, wonder, mystery to you? Deepen your thoughts and stimulate your feelings with questions that cannot be answered.

Who, how, what do you love to love? Allow love and its ineffable power to resonate through all you do.

You are complex, beautiful, imperfect, and possessed of limitless possibilities. Understand all you can, make peace with the rest, and live the richness as it unfolds in every moment.

— Ralph Marston

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