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Provision for others is a fundamental responsibility of human life.
-- Woodrow Wilson


Monday, August 23, 2021

Put joy into it

What would the next hour look like if you made the decision, right now, to put joy into it? How would the next few days unfold if you were to focus on adding joy and gratitude to every activity?

It’s easy to assume that your circumstances and surroundings have complete control over the way you feel. But what if you made the choice to flip that around?

What if you brought your own irrepressible joy to the people, places, and circumstances you encounter? It’s perfectly reasonable, entirely attainable, and has the power to make a dramatic positive difference.

You don’t have to always be mentally scrolling through a list of problems and complaints. Instead, you can direct your attention to the blessings and opportunities of each moment you’re in.

There’s no reason to let every random occurrence dictate the way you feel. You have the option to choose joy, gratitude, positive intention, effective action, and love.

Whatever you’re doing, whoever you’re with, wherever you are, put joy into it. See what a positive difference that can make.

— Ralph Marston

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