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We all have ability. The difference is how we use it.
-- Stevie Wonder


Tuesday, July 20, 2021

When to let it be

Always there are things you can change, yet sometimes it is best not to. Among your many choices is the choice to let it be.

Some realities will benefit from your attention, effort, and manipulation. Others are best left alone.

A sign of wisdom is knowing which is which. An exercise of strength is to abide by that wisdom.

You eagerly do your best to exert a positive influence on life. That can sometimes mean giving goodness the necessary time and space to unfold as it will.

Though it’s tempting to think you can fix everything, time and experience have taught you otherwise. Be willing to act, and also be willing to let it be.

There are times when your efforts to help could actually lead to more harm. Be realistic about your limits, mindful of the possibilities, and know when to let it be.

— Ralph Marston

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