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To arrive at a just estimate of a renowned man's character one must judge it by the standards of his time, not ours.
-- Mark Twain


Friday, July 16, 2021

Now is the hour

If you want to get ahead, today is the day to work on it. If you wish to make progress, now is the time to act.

The past can give you a frame of reference. Yet your past can’t push you forward and you must not let it hold you back.

Today is your opportunity to do what you’ve been meaning to do. The conditions are not perfect yet they are sufficient.

Go ahead with what you have and utilize what’s available. Use today or you will lose today and its opportunities.

The difficulties feel disheartening and the challenges seem overwhelming. Yet the moment you act you begin to put yourself in control and to change all that.

So exercise your best option and do the good, useful, effective things you can do. This is the day, now is the hour.

— Ralph Marston

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