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Use your weaknesses; aspire to the strength.
-- Sir Lawrence Olivier


Friday, June 11, 2021

The value time brings

Time provides you the opportunity to fully experience life. Give all good things in your life the time they need, the time they deserve, the time you deserve.

If everything came to you instantly, all at once, it would overwhelm you and be of little positive value. Take the time to let life unfold in a way that connects you thoroughly to its richness.

Imagine receiving everything you desire, plus everything you will ever desire, right now. Imagine having to enjoy it all, to experience it all, before the end of the day.

In such a scenario, all your hopes, dreams, and desires would be reduced to confusion, frustration, and despair. Fortunately, time spaces out the goodness in your life so you have the chance to savor it.

Young children embarking on a treasure hunt don’t care about the treasure, they are captivated by the hunt. There is great wisdom in that preference.

Time gives the good things in your life their goodness. Don’t let impatience cheat you out of the value that only time can bring.

— Ralph Marston

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