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Character is fate.
-- Heraclitus


Thursday, June 10, 2021

Invest your thoughts

It might seem like you’re stuck with your current thoughts, but that’s not the case. A more effective frame of mind is just a thought or two away.

Yes, the outer world has an influence on what you’re thinking. However, you have the final say.

If you feel trapped in a certain frame of mind, much of what’s keeping you there is your own choice. When it would serve you better, you can make a different choice.

Whether you’ve been surprised, insulted, praised, intimidated, satisfied, or ignored, you can move quickly past any kind of negative or unproductive mindset. Choose now where you want your thoughts to go and they will go there.

Compare the likely end results of continuing in your current frame of mind or switching to a different one. Choose your thinking based on the outcome you prefer.

What’s the optimum way for you to live your life during the next thirty minutes, or three hours? Invest your thoughts there, and the rest of you will follow.

— Ralph Marston

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