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You must continue to gain expertise, but avoid thinking like an expert.
-- Denis Waitley


Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Saving time

Plenty of products, strategies, and technologies enable you to save time. The question then becomes, what are you saving it for?

Anything that saves time does not literally squirrel that time away to be used later, for that’s impossible. As you save time on one activity, you’re spending that time on something else.

So it’s useful to ask yourself, what is that something else? Your new smartphone is fifty times faster than the old one, and what exactly are you doing with all that extra time?

Faster is better, sometimes. Keep in mind, though, that going somewhere slow is far preferable to going nowhere fast.

The faster you go, the more important to know precisely where you wish to go. If you’re unclear about your desired destination, speed will hurt more than it helps.

As you endeavor to make efficient use of time, seek also to make its use purposeful and meaningful. Whatever your velocity, the factor that matters most is your direction.

— Ralph Marston

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