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That which does not kill us makes us stronger.
-- Friedrich Nietzsche


Friday, November 1, 2019

Let life catch up

Let life catch up to you. Don’t get so ensnared in chasing what seems important that you forget what’s truly important.

Enjoy not just the times when you’ve racked up an impressive achievement. Enjoy every moment along the way.

Allow the way things are right now, to be enough for right now. There is much you can do to make life better, yet already there is much in life that is good.

Balance your ambition for what can be with your gratitude and appreciation for what is. After all, if you can never be satisfied with what you have, there’s no gain in getting more.

Perhaps the longing you feel is not really a longing to acquire more. Perhaps it is a longing to more fully appreciate all that is already yours.

By all means, move forward, work, achieve, make a difference, create value. As you do, give life, and purpose, satisfaction, and fulfillment, the chance to keep pace.

— Ralph Marston

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