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Angels fly because they take themselves lightly.
-- G K Chesterton


Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Your time for action

In the face of opportunity, take action. In the face of trouble, take action.

The day will get off to a great start, or it will get off to a difficult, challenging start. In either case, you can do something about it, you can do something positive with it.

Don’t wait for someone else to handle it. Throw out the excuses, jump past your hesitation, and take action.

The problem is not going to solve itself. The opportunity is not going to unfold on its own.

Look around, see the world as it is, acknowledge what’s going on, and make yourself useful. Whatever there is to work with, get to work with it.

This is no time for empty wishes, self pity, complaints or endless procrastination. This is your time for action, so seize the moment and do good work with it.

— Ralph Marston

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