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Just as iron rusts from disuse, even so does inaction spoil the intellect.
-- Leonardo da Vinci


Thursday, August 15, 2019

Even better

You are doing a lot of things well. And you can do even better.

You have made significant progress. And you can make even more.

Sure, you’ve made mistakes, and you’ve learned from them. Yes, you’ve lived through difficulties and disappointments, and grown stronger, more resilient.

Now you’ve arrived at a time and place where you can put all your strength and experience to good use. Now you are greeted with multiple possibilities for making life even better.

Pause for a moment and consider all that you can be thankful for. Then remind yourself that the most powerful form of gratitude is to make full use of the good things you have.

Life has been good in many ways, and still can be good, and is good. Now, make the commitment, do the work, to make it even better.

— Ralph Marston

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