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No person is important enough to make me angry.
-- Carlos Castenada


Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Live the adventure

Great adventures never happen in times and places where everything is perfect. The very essence of adventure is in dealing with confusing, imperfect conditions.

Let the adventure unfold in all its imperfection and let it draw out the best in you. After all, that’s what adventures are for.

Expect to confront ignorance, irresponsibility, hostility, and apathy. See each such encounter not as a personal insult but as an invigorating, empowering challenge.

Insert yourself willingly into the gap between the flawed way things are and the better way you know they can be. Live the adventure by working tirelessly to bridge that divide.

Make sense of the nonsensical, push forward on the twisting, uneven path. Watch as the adventure grows, along with your strength, your effectiveness, your level of achievement.

No setback, no inconsiderate person, no interruption or frustration can stop you. For you have chosen to transform it all into a positive, rewarding adventure.

— Ralph Marston

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