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Dare to be naive.
-- Buckminster Fuller


Monday, February 4, 2019

Great opportunity of now

There are no good excuses, and it wouldn’t matter if there were. Your life is the way it is, and now is your opportunity to do something with it.

If there are problems, now is when you can stop dwelling on those problems and start taking action to resolve them. If you have dreams, goals, ambitions, here is where the wishing and fantasizing end, and the action begins.

What counts now is the same for anything you want to be, or plan to accomplish, or need to do. What counts now is actually doing it.

Put your wishes into action, put your plans into motion. Step right up to the challenges and begin to push yourself through them.

If something is standing in your way, move it, change it, get around it, or find another way. Work with what you have, expand upon it, commit to persistent action, and make good things happen.

Whatever the circumstance, whatever the objective, this is your time to act. Give yourself over to the great opportunity of now.

— Ralph Marston

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