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Life is a matter of luck, and the odds in favor of success are in no way enhanced by extreme caution.
-- Erich Topp


Tuesday, September 19, 2017

What’s at stake

Any moment you spend in negativity is a waste of life. Choose always to find a better way to spend your time.

It’s not difficult or complicated to live every day with meaning and purpose, with effectiveness and integrity. It’s mostly a matter of making the choice to do so, and following through.

You are capable of greatness, expressed in your own special way. Harness that capability, let all the world benefit from it.

You understand, observe, feel, think in ways no one else has ever done. You owe it to life, to the very universe that supports your existence, to make the most of all that.

Remind yourself of what’s at stake in every choice you make. What’s at stake is the quality of your life, the future of your world.

Put good thought, care, effort and commitment into your choices, into your life. Everything you love and value is at stake.

— Ralph Marston

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