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Hope is patience with the lamp lit.
-- Tertullian


Friday, August 18, 2017

When strength is a necessity

There are times in life when strength becomes a necessity. Times when strength is not optional.

At such times you have no magic escape route, nothing to fall back upon. And, you discover how much strength you can gain, and utilize, when you must.

Any situation, any experience, any setback, any success, has the potential to make you stronger. Too often that potential goes unrealized, for it is easier to just let it float on by.

Yet there are times when you have no choice, when you must find a way to pull new strength out of every moment. And at those times, you do.

Consider how amazing that is. Just the thought, just remembering you can, is enough to plant fresh seeds of strength within you.

Every day arrives full of opportunities to build strength. Take those opportunities, even when you don’t have to.

— Ralph Marston

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