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Life is a progress, and not a station.
-- Ralph Waldo Emerson


Monday, July 3, 2017

Your privilege

Consider it your privilege to be living this day. Consider it your privilege to be where you are, doing all you are doing.

You are not a victim of your circumstances. You are strong enough to make something valuable from this time and place.

Consider it your privilege to be able to take action. Exercise that privilege, moving your life and your whole world forward.

Do not argue in favor of your limitations. Do not argue that unfairness and injustice have rendered you helpless.

Instead, consider it your privilege to demonstrate how you can prosper no matter what pushes against you. Consider it your privilege to dig deep and activate new strength, new skill, new power.

Put yourself in the best possible position for dealing with every challenge, every opportunity, every possibility. Consider it your privilege, and keep putting that privilege to use.

— Ralph Marston

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