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The problem with communication ... is the illusion that it has been accomplished.
-- George Bernard Shaw


Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Skip the outrage

Expressing outrage is a very poor way to show how much you care. In fact, too many people use the dramatic expression of outrage as a substitute for actual caring and commitment.

The way to truly care is not with loud, abrasive outrage. It is with beneficial, sustained effort.

Nobody really benefits from anyone else being offended and outraged. What people benefit from are quiet acts of kindness, encouragement, support, respect and generosity.

Instead of loudly proclaiming your values, consider all the many ways you can live them. Instead of putting on a show, put forth some real, sustained, helpful effort.

Lashing out is a sure sign of weakness. Living with goodness, quiet determination and generosity is evidence of true strength.

Be strong, and skip the outrage. Be strong, and make the necessary effort, again and again, to make the world a better place.

— Ralph Marston

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