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Sometimes only a change of viewpoint is needed to convert a tiresome duty into an interesting opportunity.
-- Alberta Flanders


Wednesday, August 27, 2008


When you’ve gone a little ways, keep going a little ways more. When you’ve made some progress, use that progress to make some more.

Multiply the power of your actions with momentum. Once you get yourself going, follow through on the commitment and keep yourself going.

Often, the most difficult part of a task is the act of getting started. The fewer times you have to go through that process of starting yourself back up, the more you can get accomplished.

When you’ve enjoyed one success, that’s the best time to start working on another success. Once you have momentum on your side, take full advantage of it.

One of the biggest benefits of achievement is that it opens up the door for greater achievement. Even a small success is a big deal, because of where it can lead.

Get yourself going and then keep yourself going. And from there, you can go anywhere.

— Ralph Marston

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