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Beware of little expenses. Small leaks will sink great ships.
-- Benjamin Franklin


Friday, November 16, 2007


The past is safe and certain, and yet it is gone. The future is filled with endless uncertainty, and yet it is also filled with limitless possibilities.

Something will happen today that you didn’t expect. It might be uncomfortable, it might be inconvenient, and it might even disrupt your life in a big way.

And yet, how terribly bland and unbearably tedious life would be if nothing unexpected ever happened. Though uncertainty is a bit frightening, it also brings much richness to life.

You are designed and equipped not only to deal with life’s uncertainties, but to in fact transcend them. Out of a little uncertainty you can create a lot of positive value.

If you attempt to hide from uncertainty, you’ll also be hiding from the best things life has to offer. Instead, accept and embrace uncertainty, and know that you can make the best of whatever comes along.

Today does not come with a guarantee. And because of that, you have the opportunity to make of it whatever you choose.

— Ralph Marston

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