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I accept the universe!
-- Margaret Fuller


Saturday, May 26, 2007

Twists and turns

Sometimes you must get it wrong before you can know how to get it right. Often, short-term disappointment is a necessary step on the path to long-term fulfillment.

When things fail to go according to plan, all is not lost. Mistakes, surprises and distractions can bring their own unique and valuable possibilities.

If you were unable to get the results you intended, don’t waste a lot of time being angry, resentful or disappointed. Instead, look for the new set of opportunities with which you’ve been presented.

If the first ship sails without you, that could very likely turn out to be a blessing. For the voyage on the next ship can end up being better than you could ever have previously imagined.

Don’t put a lot of energy into judging, after the fact, whether a particular outcome is desirable or not. Put your energy into finding ways to move forward from the current situation.

The road to fulfillment is never a straight line. Learn to navigate the twists and turns, and you’ll find something of value in every result.

— Ralph Marston

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