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Personal power is the ability to take action.
-- Anthony Robbins


Thursday, January 26, 2006

Inside out

How accurately does the person you are on the outside express the reality of the person you truly are on the inside? The more faithfully your outer life mirrors your inner dreams and values, the more fulfilling your whole life will be.

Success cannot be reached by pursuing someone else’s concept of what it should be. Success is reached by living true to your own visions and dreams for life.

So what are those visions? What are those dreams?

Imagine that you could snap your fingers and make life into everything you would like it to be. Then challenge yourself to describe that ideal life in every beautiful, meaningful detail.

You have the opportunity, in this very moment, to begin expressing and fulfilling that ideal life. In some small yet meaningful way, you can start right now to make the outer world into a reflection of your most deeply held inner values.

Let the best of what is within you expand outward into the world around you. And your world will become a truly great place to be.

— Ralph Marston

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