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Change yourself and your work will seem different.
-- Norman Vincent Peale


Friday, August 6, 2004

Abundance of life

It makes no sense to strive and fight against striving and fighting. That only gets you more of the same.

Instead, put your energy into gratitude and appreciation. And a world of abundance will open up to you.

Have you ever fully considered all that you have? In what is now yours, there is a connection to all you could ever desire.

The lack and limitation you sense are borne mostly out of your own denial of what is truly important. Abundance is here and now, yet when your focus is on the trivial, fleeting superficial things, that abundance is obscured.

Challenge yourself to define success and achievement without reference to anything financial or material. Begin to see wealth not as a number, but as an attitude and an approach to living each moment.

Be truly thankful for the abundance of life. And there will indeed be much to be thankful for.

— Ralph Marston

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