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Common sense is the collection of prejudices acquired by age eighteen.
-- Albert Einstein


Monday, December 15, 2003

It can be done

When you decide to truly make a difference, there is always a way you can. When you know what is right and what must be done, there is always a way to do it.

It will not be easy or immediate. For anything worthwhile takes time and effort.

If you’re constantly focused on immediate rewards, and discouraged by the problems of the moment, success will elude you. Instead, be willing to go the distance, and by so doing you’ll achieve the greatest, most spectacular results.

When they tell you it can’t be done, don’t believe it. What that really means is that it will take commitment, persistence, innovation and effort.

Don’t pass up the best possibilities just because they have a cost. Do what it takes to pay that cost, to bear that burden, to reach for the best and never settle for less.

The rewards that truly have value are the ones for which you give your best. Be fully willing to do it, and it most certainly can be done.

— Ralph Marston

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