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Show me someone who thinks that money buys happiness, and I'll show you someone who has never had a lot of money.
-- David Geffen


Friday, November 28, 2003

Start something

If you can’t take a big step, take a small step. If you can’t take a small step, take a tiny step.

Maybe there’s not a lot you can do right now. Yet there is surely something. There is surely something, no matter how small it may seem, that will get you moving in the direction you want to go. Rather than just sitting there worrying or complaining about what’s wrong, get going and do something to set it right.

Five minutes from now, you can be well on your way. Five minutes from now, you can be enjoying the real, substantial, positive momentum and confidence that will come from taking action.

Even the smallest effort will provide you something upon which to build. So even if all you can manage right now is a tiny step forward, go ahead and take it.

Take action, and you will no longer merely think you can do it. After even the smallest step, you’ll know for sure.

— Ralph Marston

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