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It appears that the meaning that most effectively sustains life is to be found in the adoption of responsibility.
-- Jordan B. Peterson


Friday, May 16, 2003

Positive possibilities

You are truly wealthy. And what makes you so is not anything that anyone could ever take from you. The real richness in your life has nothing to do with financial assets or material property. The real richness in your life is your life.

That real wealth exists in your ability to sense, to experience, to know, to care, to love, to decide, understand and act. For the living of your life opens up a whole world of wonderful possibilities.

Who is the most successful, accomplished person you can think of? The truly important factors that have led to that person’s success are also yours to use.

What you have already is more than enough. For what you have already is the ability to live your life. Everything anyone has ever accomplished has come from exactly the kinds of positive possibilities that you also have. Live those possibilities fully and see how your life is filled with richness.

— Ralph Marston

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