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Arriving at one point is the starting point to another.
-- John Dewey


Thursday, May 15, 2003

The moment you begin

The moment you begin to take action, the moment you truly make the commitment, something remarkable happens. Momentum shifts solidly in your favor. Problems are transformed into opportunities. Obstacles are transformed into pathways.

Just a little bit of initial effort in a positive direction can completely change your perspective. And when your perspective changes, the whole world looks new, different and full of promising possibilities.

You cannot get all the way to where you want to be in just one step. Yet in just one step you can turn all the way around and begin heading toward that goal, that dream, that place you truly want to be.

Point yourself in a positive direction, and you’ll immediately begin to experience the benefits. Any achievement can bring value long before you reach it, as long as you’re continually reaching toward it.

On this very day, your most treasured dream can begin to bring richness to your life. Take that first solid step toward it, and see how dramatically everything can change.

— Ralph Marston

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