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What you are will show in what you do.
-- Thomas Alva Edison


Tuesday, October 22, 2002

In every moment

The big opportunities will come when you make the most of the little opportunities. Every moment is a little opportunity, one that’s yours to use.

The runner who pulls out ahead at the end to win the race is not simply lucky. That runner had already started to win months or even years ago, by using every opportunity to train and strengthen and practice.

There has never been more opportunity for achievement and success than there is right now. Yet those who consider opportunity to be a free ride will never see it, because that’s not what it looks like. Opportunity smiles not on those who seek to take, but rather on those who find new and valuable ways to give. And in every moment, in every circumstance, there is the possibility of giving and of creating real value.

Opportunity is paid out one moment at a time, and you must fully live those moments in order to gain the opportunity. Value each moment, make the most of every one, and the wealth of opportunity will surely be in your hands.

— Ralph Marston

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