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Do not believe that possibly you can escape the reward of your action.
-- Ralph Waldo Emerson


Thursday, September 26, 2002

Collect the reward

How many times must you fall and then get back up before reaching the goal? Do it as many times as it takes.

Do you really want to stay down after you’ve stumbled? Wouldn’t you rather get back up and get back on your way? Sure, it hurts when you fall, but staying down and giving up will not ease that hurt one little bit. Getting up and going forward is what will move you past the pain and the disappointment.

If you’ve been pushed down by difficult obstacles, then you have already paid some of the price of success. So by all means move on ahead to where you can collect the reward.

Persistence can indeed be difficult. Yet failing to persist will put you in an even more intolerably difficult position of defeat and dismay. When you’ve fallen, get back up quickly and enthusiastically, knowing you’ve just taken a valuable and important step forward on the road to success.

— Ralph Marston

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