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The impossible is often the untried.
-- Jim Goodwin


Thursday, September 19, 2002

Cause and effect

Whatever it is you desire, do not seek to get it or to have it directly, for that will usually lead only to frustration. Instead, for whatever you desire, seek to cause it and then it will happen. The way to control the results you get is by controlling the causes you create. Once the cause is there, its corresponding effect flows easily, naturally and inevitably into being.

If you let go of a rock, gravity will cause it to fall to the ground. Though you cannot change the law of gravity, you can control whether you hold on to the rock or let it go.

By the same token, though you cannot control which causes bring about which results, you can control which causes you choose to create. And by so doing, you control the results that come from those efforts.

Just as surely as a rock falls to the ground, results flow from your efforts. Choose those efforts wisely and you’ll be able to precisely determine the results you get.

— Ralph Marston

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