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God has no hands but these.
-- Mother Theresa


Wednesday, June 26, 2002

What you can do

You can do it in an instant, and it can last a lifetime. It requires no money, no power or influence, no special skills or training. It doesn’t require months of preparation or years of study. It is available to you at any time and in any circumstance, no matter what you may have previously been through.

It can have a tremendous positive impact on your own life and on the lives of those around you. The more challenges you face, the more beneficial it becomes.

It is, quite simply and powerfully, a change in attitude. Any time, any place, under any conditions, you can decide to change your attitude to one which moves you positively forward. You may indeed have ten thousand very good reasons not to do so. Yet they are all outweighed by the simple fact that you can do it and it works.

If you’ve tried to be more positive in the past you’ve found that trying isn’t enough. Real change comes when you stop just trying and start living each moment focused on the highest and best of possibilities in this magnificent life that you’ve been given.

— Ralph Marston

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