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The real secret to success is enthusiasm.
-- Walter Chrysler


Friday, June 7, 2002

The real you

Those things you love most will help you see the places and the ways in which you can make the biggest positive difference. The more time you spend each day being the person you truly are, the faster you will move yourself and your world forward.

Joy, abundance and fulfillment are not just empty dreams, not just reserved for others, not just a matter of luck or timing. They come from living true to your highest purpose.

You do not need anyone else’s permission to be the real, authentic person you know you can be. You do not need any special arrangements, circumstances or resources to be who you truly are.

Your job, your family, your friends, your responsibilities do not prevent you from being who you truly are. In fact, they provide you with ample opportunity to express your true self and to genuinely make a positive difference.

Any time is the right time, any situation is the right situation for you to live the marvelous abundance that is yours. You’ve been given a life that’s unique and filled with special value, so live and delight in the best of that value.

Before another moment passes, begin to live as the person you will truly love to be.

— Ralph Marston

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