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When you're at the end of your rope, tie a knot and hold on.
-- Theodore Roosevelt


Tuesday, October 30, 2001


It can be pleasant to receive praise, yet it is criticism that will often bring you the most value. It’s great to know what you’re doing right, and it’s even more important to understand what you’re doing wrong. Even if the criticism of you is based on a mistaken perception or an assumption that’s just not true, once you know about it you’ll be in a position to correct it.

Listen carefully to those who criticize you. They’re doing you a favor even though that may not be their intention. If the criticism is totally unfounded, it’s an affirmation that you’re making a difference. If the criticism has some merit, it’s truly valuable feedback.

Keep in mind that every criticism is just someone’s opinion. Take it and use it for what it’s worth. There’s no need for criticism to get you down. When possible, find within it the insight which can make you stronger and improve your performance. Criticism, when you cease to fear it, when you listen to it and learn to appreciate it, can add much value to whatever you undertake.

— Ralph Marston

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