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Life has a way of overgrowing its achievements as well as its ruins.
-- Edith Wharton


Monday, October 29, 2001

Bitter or better?

There are those who experience adversity and become bitter as a result. Then there are others who face similar adversity and become better as a result. Bitterness is usually a very understandable response, yet it’s never an effective response. It serves primarily to prolong and even expand the pain.

The positive, life-affirming response is not to become bitter, but rather to find a way to become better. The surest way out of adversity is to use that adversity as an opportunity for becoming stronger, more positively focused and more effective.

When you’ve been hurt, you have every right to feel bitter. You also have every right, and every reason, to move quickly away from that bitterness. If you feel you’re becoming bitter, use that as a cue to instead become better. Bitterness cannot ease the pain. Choose to grow stronger, and even adversity will have a positive purpose.

— Ralph Marston

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