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If you are going through hell, keep going.
-- Winston Churchill


Thursday, October 18, 2001

One day

One day you’re going to understand how truly capable you are. One day you’ll wonder why you’ve never used more than a fraction of your strength, your determination, and your courage. One day you’ll decide to make better use of that strength, that determination, that courage, and you’ll be truly amazed at what you can accomplish.

One day you’ll stop worrying about every little change in the wind and start to make your way forward no matter what. One day you’ll see how truly fulfilling that can be.

One day you’ll discover that you have dreams and desires which can inject strength and power into every action. One day you’ll understand that your life has a very special purpose.

One day you’re going to realize what an incredible blessing it is to be alive. The sooner that day comes, the more you’ll be able to fill your life with true richness and joy.

— Ralph Marston

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