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If you are going through hell, keep going.
-- Winston Churchill


Monday, March 19, 2001

Fear of failure

Are you afraid to fail, so afraid that you don’t even make the attempt? When you think about it, that really makes no sense. By not even making an attempt, you are guaranteeing failure. So the fear of failure leads straight to certain failure.

Do you feel fear? Great! Examine that fear. Look for the message it is intended to convey. Fear can make you more aware. It can give you increased energy. It can prepare you to overcome difficult challenges. Fear can harness your resources like nothing else can.

Your fear is there to help you move effectively forward, not to hold you back. Let it teach you. Let it prepare you. Don’t let it stop you. When fear is holding you back, look closely at that fear and you’ll find a way to move forward.

The only lasting failure is the failure to act. If you do make the attempt and fail to get the desired result, learn from it and give it another go. You cannot fail when you continue to take action.

— Ralph Marston

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