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Every creator painfully experiences the chasm between his inner vision and its ultimate expression.
-- Isaac Bashevis Singer


Saturday, March 17, 2001

A better you

Don’t concern yourself with being better than everyone else. That will mainly get you resentment, disappointment, or both. Focus instead on being better today than you were yesterday, on being even better tomorrow than you are today.

When you compare yourself to others, you’ll either end up being disappointed or you’ll end up being arrogant. Instead, compare yourself to yourself. The important thing is to make progress in your own life. Upstaging someone else simply won’t bring you any true gain. Improving yourself will.

We all share certain things in common, and yet no two people are the same. There is no one who is better than you. And at the same time, you are better than no one else. You are unique. You are beyond compare. Make the most of it. Make it better and better each day. Stop worrying about everyone else and you’ll free up enormous energy to be the best you can be.

— Ralph Marston

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