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People grow through experience if they meet life honestly and courageously. This is how character is built.
-- Eleanor Roosevelt


Friday, March 9, 2001

Negative surprises

Effective people don’t have any fewer disappointments than others. In fact, they likely have more. What is different is that effective people don’t let those disappointments stop them.

Effective people don’t have any fewer interruptions or potential distractions. They just don’t allow those interruptions and distractions to knock them off track.

If a disappointment comes along, let yourself be disappointed. And then move on. When an interruption pops up, deal with it and then move on. If you try to shove the disappointment and interruptions out of the way without resolving them, they continue to hound you.

There will be negative surprises every day. You can turn each one into a continuing excuse for why you’re not making any progress. Then they’ll surely hold you back. Or you can turn each one into a positive learning experience by quickly dealing with it and moving on ahead. It will make the difference between collecting excuses and amassing accomplishments.

— Ralph Marston

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