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There is only one success - to be able to spend your life in your own way.
-- Christopher Morley


Tuesday, January 16, 2001

Decide you want to

What was once an effort becomes a joy when you decide you want to do it, when it fits your purpose, when it makes a positive difference. A great strategy for getting yourself to take effective action is to solidly connect that action with the things you truly desire.

What if the things you needed to do were the same as the things you wanted to do? You would have no problem getting them done. No one would have to nag you about them. You wouldn’t have to make up excuses for not getting around to them. You’d just start right in with eager anticipation and get busy.

The great thing is, those “have to do” tasks and the “want to do” actions can indeed be precisely the same. This happens when you build and maintain a solid connection in your mind between those goals you desire to accomplish and the actions which will make them happen.

You can enjoy any activity you decide to enjoy. You can sincerely want to do whatever you decide you want to do. The difficulty is not usually in the effort, but in your attitude. So decide to take the actions which will move your life ahead. And enjoy doing those things you need to do.

— Ralph Marston

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