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Do. Or do not. There is no try.
-- Yoda


Saturday, December 30, 2000

An extra step

Whenever you’re tempted to give a little less to a task than necessary, do yourself a favor and give a little more than necessary. If you’re going to miss the mark, overshoot it rather than undershooting it. Go a little beyond instead of falling a little short.

Take the extra step. Make one more phone call. Write one more page. Greet one more customer. Work a few more minutes. Run a little bit faster. Add a few more details. Do a great job and then add a little bit to it. That little extra bit at the end will add value to the entire effort. It provides enormous leverage and a great return for the small amount of time involved. The extra effort is tiny. The additional rewards are great.

Bring value to your work and to your life by giving just a little bit extra to every effort. Over time, those extra efforts will add up and pay off. Rather than focusing on how little you can get away with, direct your attention to how much you can accomplish. Take an extra step. Go the extra distance. Build on top of what you’ve already created and the results will be magnificent.

— Ralph Marston

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