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Be kind whenever possible, and it is always possible.
-- The Dalai Lama


Thursday, November 2, 2000

Now you are ready

Stop for just a moment and think a pleasant thought. Relax your mind, your body and your spirit. Find a moment of joy in the beauty of being, right here, right now. Put aside your concerns for a little bit. Experience the depth and wonder of your own existence.

Realize that in this very moment you have everything you could possibly need or want for right now. Settle your spirit into the confidence and assurance which that thought engenders.

Now you are ready for any challenge the world can throw at you. Now you are able to build on the abundance which is already yours. Now you can see your concerns not as problems but as opportunities.

You are alive. You are capable. You are worthy and able. You have at your command a powerful, undeniable force -- the strength to live, to think and to act. Every great achievement is built through thought, action and the passion of being alive. You have everything it takes. Now go forward and make your own special greatness.

— Ralph Marston

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