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It is better to ask some of the questions than know all the answers.
-- James Thurber


Thursday, September 21, 2000

Find joy

Find joy in your work, and that work will bring abundant riches. Find joy in the people around you, and they’ll lift you to incredible heights. Find joy in disciplined effort, and your accomplishments will be stupendous. Find joy in learning; your wisdom will carry you far and well.

Joy is not to be taken and hoarded. It is to be discovered and lived. Your joy comes not at someone else’s permission or by way of their generosity, or at their expense. Your joy comes from your ability to extract and refine it from the perfectly normal and abundant circumstances in which you’re immersed.

You can find joy in any moment, and you will be the richer for it. There’s no need to wait for it. It is yours when you embrace it. And it is filled with power, with value.

Look for joy. Expect to find it. It is there. It is here. It is everywhere. It is yours to find, to build, to create and to live.

— Ralph Marston

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