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Courage is the mastery of fear-not the absence of fear.
-- Mark Twain


Wednesday, August 30, 2000

Do it today

You can make today a triumph. You can stay focused and effective. You can make positive progress throughout the day. This time tomorrow, you can be significantly ahead of where you are right now. You can do it.

Even if this day started off on the wrong note, you can turn it around. You can begin right now. There are those who would give in and give up, but you know better. You can make this day great, no matter what might come along.

You are alive and today is your day. The past is history and cannot be changed. The future is not yet within your grasp. Today is here and full of every positive possibility you could ever imagine. Help yourself to the ones you’d really like to pursue.

Every thought, action, feeling, hope, opportunity and desire you’ve ever experienced has brought you to today. In this day is all the power and substance of your life, available for you to use. What a marvelous opportunity! Before another moment goes by, jump in and see what great things you can make of it.

— Ralph Marston

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