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You get whatever accomplishment you are willing to declare.
-- Mal Pancoast


Thursday, August 3, 2000

What will it accomplish?

Life is too precious to waste. Time is too valuable to squander. And yet, out of habit or carelessness, too often we put our time and energy into efforts which have no prospect of accomplishing anything.

What positive, useful result has ever been attained by vindictiveness? Is anyone ever truly elevated by putting someone else down? Certainly there is a place for constructive, thoughtful criticism, but what purpose does name calling achieve?

Empty pursuits such as these are all too common. Ironically, they bring the most harm upon those who carry them out. They waste time, they waste life, and they put the focus on destructive negativity.

Before taking any action ask yourself this one simple question. What will it accomplish? Stay away from empty pursuits which have no chance of bringing results. Even if you succeed at those, you fail. Instead, put your efforts where they will make a positive difference, and reap the happy benefits of your wisdom.

— Ralph Marston

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