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It appears that the meaning that most effectively sustains life is to be found in the adoption of responsibility.
-- Jordan B. Peterson


Wednesday, May 24, 2000

Real winners

What does it mean to be a winner? We often assume that the winner in any situation is the person who gets their way. Yet getting one’s way can often come at a terrible cost to one’s integrity and peace of mind.

Those who seek only to get their way or to grab the biggest piece of the pie must always be looking over their shoulder. They end up wasting precious time and energy on a pursuit that is, ultimately, quite empty.

A true winner is someone who is strong enough and conscientious enough to exert a positive influence. That is the kind of winner who remains a winner. That is the kind of winner whose victory can never be questioned or reversed.

Winners who win by making a positive difference can walk confidently with their head held high, knowing that their victory will be continually built upon and increased, rather than constantly challenged and torn down. The prize does not make the victory. Rather, the victory makes the prize. Have the strength, have the courage to sincerely make a positive difference, and you’ll be a winner whom no one can deny.

— Ralph Marston

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