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The one who says it can't be done is generally interrupted by someone doing it.
-- Harry Emerson Fosdick


Wednesday, March 29, 2000

Do you really?

Do you really desire to be successful or do you simply desire the fruits of success? To achieve the fruits of success requires that you be committed to the whole of success.

Success is indivisible. The fruit, which almost anyone would gladly accept, does not come separate from the effort, which far fewer are willing to embrace. Being successful means being committed to the entire process of success.

That includes setting the goals, making the plans, putting forth the effort, and persistently working through the challenges until the desired results are a reality.

Success is available to anyone who is willing to accept it in its entirety. It is as much effort as it is treasure. Indeed, the value of any success for you is equal to what you put into it. Do you really desire success, and all that it involves? Then it is yours.

— Ralph Marston

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