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Whoever said anybody has a right to give up?
-- Marian Wright Edelman


Tuesday, December 16, 1997


The more you give of yourself to anything, the more it brings fulfillment to you. The more you give to your work, the more success it brings you. The more you give to your relationships, the more meaningful they will be.

Giving is not just an altruistic exercise. It is profoundly in your own best interest. Sincerely giving of yourself to others is the most self serving thing you can do.

Does that mean giving all your money away, or working without adequate pay? No, not at all. Giving does not mean simply giving away, but rather using what you have to make a difference.

At its best, giving does not merely transfer something from one person to another, but rather creates something new and valuable. Live with a spirit of giving, and you enrich the lives of all those around you, including your own.

— Ralph Marston

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