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Half of being smart is knowing what you are dumb about.
-- Solomon Short


Thursday, October 23, 1997

Just think...

Think of all the things you have going for you today. You’re alive, you’re full of energy. You’re intelligent, effective, and able to accomplish whatever you put your mind to.

You are living in world that is full of opportunities, at a time when knowledge is expanding faster than ever before. New innovations make life more interesting on a daily basis.

You are full of passion and purpose. You have a whole set of unique experiences and perspectives, that enable you to create value in a variety of situations.

You can make things happen. You can think great thoughts. You can love and nurture. You can innovate. You can solve problems. You can understand.

A world of opportunity stands at your feet today, waiting for you to step boldly into it and make a difference.

— Ralph Marston

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