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Fortune sides with him who dares.
-- Virgil


Friday, January 31, 1997

Give whatever you want to have

The computer I’m using to compose this message is powered by electricity. Electrons are constantly flowing into the computer, and back out. If the electrons were to only flow in, and not out, the computer would not work. Electrical energy is useful only when it flows in both directions. Water flows through pipes into my house. We use the water for drinking, bathing, washing dishes and clothes, and then the water flows back out. If the water were to only flow in, we would soon have a house full of water. If it only flowed out, we would soon be very thirsty and dirty.

Similarly, giving and receiving are what make life’s energy flow. One is of no use without the other. They go hand in hand. The most effective way to get what you want, is to help others get what they want.

Give your love to others, and you will have love. Give your attention to others and you will get attention. Teach others and you will learn. Help others to be materially wealthy and you will be wealthy. Give respect to others, and you will have respect.

There is very little difference between giving and receiving. They are not opposites, they are both part of the same continual flow. The flow, not the direction, is the important thing.

— Ralph Marston

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