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Be wiser than other people, if you can, but do not tell them so.
-- Lord Chesterfield


Thursday, October 17, 1996

Are you in the habit of success?

Many of the things we do each day, we do by habit. Habits can be very useful. If we had to constantly think about everything we did, we wouldn’t accomplish much. Habits can be a hindrance, too. They can weigh us down and hold us back.

The key to success is to develop habits that take you where you want to go. When you think about it, doing the right thing is not usually any more difficult than doing the wrong thing. It’s just that we get ourselves in the wrong habits, and those habits hold us back.

For example, taking a walk every evening is a very pleasant, enjoyable, stimulating experience. While you’re walking, you feel great. If gives you a lift. And it is very healthy for you.

So why do you stay home and watch the 15th re-run of “Coach” every night instead of taking a pleasant walk? The answer -- habit. Why do you reach for a bag of potato chips instead of an apple? Habit. The apple is just as tasty, and much healthier for you. But if you’re in the habit of eating chips, that’s what you’ll eat.

Success in life takes effort, but it’s not difficult or complicated. It is just a matter of knowing what you want, determining how to get it, and making a habit of doing those things that you need to do. Habits are very powerful, because they’re actions that are repeated over and over again. The good ones are well worth the effort it takes to establish them.

Get in the habit of success. Choose your habits carefully, and they’ll serve you well.

— Ralph Marston

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