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The more you care, the stronger you can be.
-- Jim Rohn


Tuesday, July 9, 1996

What Motivates Billionaires?

Have you ever wondered what motivates billionaires? They’ve long since accumulated enough wealth to provide a life of ease for themselves, their children, their grandchildren and probably even more generations. Yet many billionaires are very hard working people, getting up early each morning and putting in long days. They certainly don’t need the money. What drives them to do it?

Is is greed, or the desire for power? Perhaps. But, by and large, greedy people do not usually succeed to any great extent because they are unwilling to provide value to people. With few exceptions, modern-day billionaires didn’t get to be billionaires by being greedy.

Hard-working billionaires are motivated by their vision, by the need to make a difference, by the need to leave their mark on the world. And it is most likely this motivation that made them billionaires in the first place.

Do you want to live like a billionaire? It is very simple. Stop trying to just make a living and start trying to make a difference.

— Ralph Marston

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